Ray West, Ph.D.

VP, Customer Success

During a career spanning over 30 years, Ray West, Ph.D. has shown an uncommon ability to seamlessly transition from chemical research to business development across industries as diverse as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, spectroscopy and scientific instruments. After receiving his doctorate in Chemistry from Brigham Young University, Dr. West spent 11 years with Shell Oil Company. After leaving Shell as a Sr. Research Chemist, he became the Technology Director for Gilson where he established and managed the technical center for this supplier of pharmaceutical industry tools. Dr. West then transitioned into the sales, account management and marketing world, initially with Protasis (a developer of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy equipment), and then for the past 13 years with Moxtek, a subsidiary of Japan-based Nippon Kayaku. Since joining Axcend® in 2018, Dr. West has utilized his broad industry and business experience to help develop market acceptance of the Axcend Focus LC®.