Paul Farnsworth, Ph.D.


During a career of over 35 years in academic research, Paul Farnsworth, Ph.D. has spent the majority of his efforts on analytical spectroscopy, with an emphasis on developing new analytical techniques and instrumentation for trace molecular and elemental analysis. Currently a professor of Chemistry at Brigham Young University, Dr. Farnsworth has been a BYU faculty member since 1983. His expertise in analytical spectroscopy has led to Dr. Farnsworth to over 25 years of editorial service at peer-reviewed, scientific journals, including Editor of both Spectrochimica Acta Electronica (1994—2001) and Applied Spectroscopy (1997—2009), and as a current member of the Editorial Board of Spectrochimica Acta, a position he has held since 2001. He has also authored over 100 papers, chapters, and patents. Dr. Farnsworth earned his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from BYU.