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New Product


The Axcend Focus LC


Axcend is now shipping a breakthrough, fully portable, high-performance liquid chromatograph that can be hand-carried anywhere and used on-the-spot: on a manufacturing line, within a laboratory, or even in the field.  Never before has such HPLC flexibility been available—until now!


The Axcend Focus LC delivers greater sensitivity than other UV-absorption-based HPLC systems, producing accurate test results rapidly, while using 1/500th of the solvents and generating 1/500th the waste.  

Developed in the laboratories of Prof. Milton Lee at Brigham Young University as the world’s first truly mobile gradient liquid chromatograph, the Axcend Focus LC creates new opportunities and greater flexibility for conducting mobile analyses.

Approximately 32 x 23 x 20 cm and 7.82 kg (17.25 lbs) 

Greater HPLC sensitivity via single or dual miniaturized LED UV-absorption-based detectors

Axcend Focus LC 

Specification Sheet

150 µm internal diameter (ID) capillary columns filled with

1.7 — 3 µm fused silica particles (other sizes and materials possible)

Convenient cartridge-based system allows rapid tool-less setup and operation

Requires dramatically smaller sample and solvent volumes, with significantly less waste (as little as 1/500th less)

Secure wireless or wired control and data output through connected computers or tablets running leading Web browsers

Rechargeable battery or AC power for lab or field  

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