Privacy Policy

Personal Information: Our goal at Axcend® is to provide products and services to our clients in the most efficient and safe way possible. For this purpose we store all Axcend Drive™ app information and user data in a cloud database. Out database relies on third party partners for hosting and security, and we do not collect any personal information beyond a user’s name and email address. Additionally, we do not disclose such information to any party.

Application Information and Data: All data generated by the Axcend Drive application in the property of our respective users. We do not share such data or disclose it to any party. Users can request a snapshot of their data, and Axcend reserves the right to use Axcend Drive application data for internal performance analysis in order to improve user experience and the performance of the app.

Legal Compliance Disclaimer: Axcend will disclose user information and application data to Law Enforcement Agencies, Courts and Other Government parties only if it is used as part of an ongoing investigation and all legal procedures are in compliance with current legislation of the country where the user has permanent resident status.