Why Portable matters to You?

The Axcend Focus LC® is the ONLY  LC that includes a convenient carrying handle and a battery for remote operation.  The idea originated with Dr. Milton Lee at BYU and came to fruition with the founding of Axcend.

Key benefits include:

· Hemp/Cannabis-Test Cannabis and Hemp BEFORE harvesting to reach maximum potency and crop value.

· Citrus Beverages-Test Citrus Fruit BEFORE harvesting to determine levels of Limonin.

· Public Safety-Bring Focus to a Hazardous Waste Spill or Clandestine Lab.

· Proteomics Core Labs-Develop the LC separation then bring the LC to the MS Lab with the method, column, and solvent systems pre-loaded.

· Fuel Tank Testing seeking if there are counterfeit fuels and check tracer levels right on the spot.


See how portability of the Axcend Focus LC® lets you analyze samples just about anywhere: