The use of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is of increasing importance to the rapid deployment of Vaccines, Medicines and other Healthcare Products.  The Axcend Focus LC® is the perfect tool that allows scientists to get immediate feedback on the state of an experiment, a manufacturing run, or any other reaction that requires monitoring of reactants and products.  Data is collected in real-time allowing the scientist to make better decisions more quickly lowering time-to-market, cost of R&D, and cost of manufacturing.
The Axcend Focus LC® fits in the most compact locations and can be interfaced with automated sample introduction technologies and can be easily transported to locations for critical in process measurements.  Its low solvent usage also allows it to go right in the pilot plant or on the manufacturing floor for inline or at-line measurements.

Read the Paper on Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Applications of Compact HPLC from Pittcon 2021 presented by the abbvie Research and Development Team to learn more about Axcend Focus LC® in a Pharma Lab. 


The Axcend Focus LC® High-Performance Liquid Chromatography system (HPLC) delivers repeatable analyses of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) dissolution. Click on the chromatogram below to see more about the performance.



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