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The Axcend Focus LC® is now compatible with Agilent OpenLab CDS and ChemStation

A new driver developed to control the Axcend Focus LC® is being tested and qualified for Agilent OpenLab CDS and ChemStation. Axcend and Agilent will have distribution capability for the Axcend Focus LC® driver.

OpenLab CDS as an Early Release

Chemstation as an Early Release

The RC.NET CDS drivers were developed in partnership with Agilent’s Instrument Control Framework (ICF) and are in final review by Agilent Technologies.  Both drivers are currently available for download through Axcend as a pre-release beta version. The release of the fully qualified drivers is scheduled for late Q2. Provided links will deliver an installer for either OpenLab CDS or Chemstation. The drivers are available free of charge from Axcend, but require an Agilent connection license for full connectivity. OpenLab CDS and Chemstation connection licenses can be purchased from both Axcend or Agilent.  For additional questions or to obtain the drivers, please contact us here:


Listen to the talk orated by our Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, Dr. Milton Lee, at ACS SPRING 2021 on the Features and Applications of Portable Capillary LC during the Award in Chromatography session honoring Dr. Lane Sander of NIST.




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