Axcend Drive™

Axcend Drive™ is a new mobile application that allows users to control the Axcend Focus LC® high-performance liquid chromatography system (HPLC). Axcend Drive provides a full operational control of the Axcend Focus LC, including gradient method preparation, pressure and flow rate configuration, test monitoring and data extraction.

When used in combination with the innovative Axcend Focus LC, this application expands the horizon of traditional liquid chemical analysis into arenas and methods not possible before. No need to collect a sample, send it to a laboratory and wait for results to arrive. And the small size and light weight of the Axcend Focus LC enables Axcend Drive users to go from sample preparation to a results in minutes virtually anywhere.

If you interested in finding out more about the Axcend Focus LC and/or the Axcend Drive application, please contact us here.

Terms of Use

These terms govern the usage of the Axcend Drive™ mobile application and constitute a legal binding agreement. By agreeing to these terms the user acknowledges all responsibility for proper use of Axcend Drive and agrees to abide by all the precepts described below. The user further agrees to use Axcend Drive only for its intended purpose as any misuse will be reported to authorities. User assumes all responsibility for their actions and/or damages caused by misuse of Axcend Drive. User also agrees to abide by all local legislation or regulations in the country of their residence while using Axcend Drive. User agrees to not attempt to reverse engineer or break into the Axcend Drive system, with violators suspended from access to Axcend Drive permanently. Axcend® does not provide any guarantee or performance promises for Axcend Drive, and the user agrees to use Axcend Drive at his/her/its own risk and judgment. Additionally, Axcend is not liable for business loses, opportunity costs, business expenses, etc. for the use or misuse of Axcend Drive. All the data entered by a user into Axcend Drive belongs to the respective user.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information: Our goal at Axcend® is to provide products and services to our clients in the most efficient and safe way possible. For this purpose we store all MobileLC™ app information and user data in a cloud database. Out database relies on third party partners for hosting and security, and we do not collect any personal information beyond a user’s name and email address. Additionally, we do not disclose such information to any party.

Application Information and Data: All data generated by the MobileLC application in the property of our respective users. We do not share such data or disclose it to any party. Users can request a snapshot of their data, and Axcend reserves the right to use MobileLC application data for internal performance analysis in order to improve user experience and the performance of the app.

Legal Compliance Disclaimer: Axcend will disclose user information and application data to Law Enforcement Agencies, Courts and Other Government parties only if it is used as part of an ongoing investigation and all legal procedures are in compliance with current legislation of the country where the user has permanent resident status.

About Axcend

Axcend® is a provider of innovative, hand-portable high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems and supporting products and services. These offerings allow scientists to deliver HPLC Anywhere® and provide dramatic improvements in portability, ease-of-operation, and rapid and convenient deployment, as well as coupling to other analytical systems (such as mass spectrometers).