About Us

HPLC Anywhere® has now become a reality. This opens up new opportunities for chemical analysis that were not possible previously.”


Milton L. Lee, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

Axcend® is a provider of innovative, compact capillary high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems that deliver dramatic improvements in portability, ease of operation, rapid and convenient deployment, and coupling to other analytical systems (such as mass spectrometers).

The Axcend Focus LC® emphasizes simplicity and ease of transport, while providing HPLC robustness. Dr. Milton L. Lee, a renowned expert in LC design and operation, developed the Axcend Focus LC at Brigham Young University with his research team.

Key features of the Axcend Focus LC include: hand-portable size and weight; dramatic reduction in solvent, sample, and waste volumes; simple and tool-less column exchange via convenient cartridges; novel multi-wavelength LED UV-absorption for target analyte detection; low power consumption with line voltage or battery operation as standard features; and an elegant browser interface supporting leading computer, tablet and smartphone operating systems.